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Beth Harris

Dog Friendly Realtor®
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(941) 321-7148

We offer a full range of services to fit you and your property’s needs. We have a hands- on approach with investors and tenants. Focusing on generating a high return for your real estate investments while acting as the liaison between the investors and tenants, minimizing any undue stress which can come from managing your own property. Let us make your investment enjoyable while eliminating stress. Understanding the real estate market and increasing your profits when the market is high and making sure that your investment is rented with minimal loss with no to low vacancies, is what we take pride in delivering for our investors. Quick response time for repairs and preventative maintenance keep our investors and tenants very happy. We can assist you with managing your short term, seasonal and annual rentals. If you are ready to purchase an investment property, as a licensed REALTOR I am savvy to the local market and happy to assist and help you grow your real estate portfolio. We continue to help many investors who would be happy to share their experience and success they have had with our property management services.



Local marketing of properties via the internet using the Zillow,, Trulia,,, International MLS,
-Offering a referral fee paid by Dog Friendly Beth LLC to all local REALTORS via the MLS.
Over 180,000 REALTORS in Florida.
- Provide owners with direct communication with emphasis on customer service.
- Provide digital property photos for all listings.
- Vet quality tenants by conducting background/credit checks, confirming references
and income thresholds for 3x rent monthly rate.
- Complete move-in and move-out inspections.
- Process all leases and rental agreements.
- Process all rental payments and provide direct deposit to owners of rental funds.
- Generate monthly operating statements.
- Year-end accounting services to Owners
- Oversee maintenance and repairs with focus on minimizing costs and issues to the
- 24/7 service for tenants to report problems and issues with property with immediate
notification to owner.

Rental Properties


I'm a property investor. I've been in this business for 12 years. For the most part, I've engaged incompetent and frankly, uninspired, property managers and REALTORS. They promised the moon but never delivered. They never went the extra mile. In the process, I lost thousand$, not to mention the aggravation. Then, by a quirk of fate, I found Beth, the most diligent, hardworking person and delightful human you'll ever meet. I've entrusted her with all my purchases, sales, and the management of my entire real estate portfolio. I've never looked back. Beth is a communicator. It's a rare quality and nobody does it better than Beth. With regard to my portfolio, she takes care of the good, the bad, and the ugly. My renters love her. She's tough but fair. Beth grew up in Sarasota and knows every nook and cranny. Sarasota is her stomping ground. She has exceptional instincts when it comes to finding properties. She researches the heck out of them before presenting them to me. She has, so far, never steered me wrong. With regard to the sales of my properties, Beth's process is to compose a list of what needs to be done to bring the house up to speed without spending outrageous amounts of dollars and then engage her cherry-picked crew to do the fixups - mostly under budget. The recent sale of 1736 Mova Street was seamless. She supervised a few fixups, listed them, and found a qualified buyer within days. What can I say? Beth is a blessing.

Work With Beth

Beth is a true problem-solver, she understands the importance of connection when it comes to her business. She takes the time to get to know her clients, ask questions, and understand exactly what they’re looking for so she can lead them seamlessly through the process to the closing table.

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